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Classes or interactive sessions catered to your needs.  Every class is different, targeting the specific challenges you face.  We identify your current practices, review processes and work within your command structure to promote best practices in metal fabrication.  From high level executive training, to on the shop floor operator training, we have successfully implemented positive changes in countless organizations.

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Bob has a talent for public speaking, and transferring his years of experience clearly and concisely.  He has routinely captivated large audiences with his insightful perspectives on metal processing, metal fabrication machinery and tooling.  Book a seminar with Bob, you will enjoy it, we gaurantee it!

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Engineering Support


Brent's engineering background makes it easy for him to share metal fabrication theory to your engineering department or machine operators.  He can also assist with best practices in configuring your bend tables, and standardizing your data across your CAD systems.  We offer assistance with challenging part or assembly design focusing on Design for Manufacture and Design for Assembly.

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