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  Significant, Sustainable Metal Process Improvements.

We teach you how to improve your metal processing.

Our goal is to help you improve your metal processes.  From Design through Fabrication and into Finishing, we will review your current practices, and work with you to develop best practices that will increase your metal shop's capacity and accuracy.


We work within your command structure to promote "one connected platform of understanding".

We bring together your management, operators and engineers and present bending concepts based on theory AND reality.


Each Class or Instructional session is customized to your needs.  We develop an understanding of your needs prior to our on site meeting.  

Instruction (Classroom):

  • Bending basics 

  • Bending advanced concepts 

  • Design standards for CAD

  • Machine specific training

  • Ask about our distance learning courses

Classes (Hands On):

  • Bending

  • Machine Calibration

  • Engineering standardization

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Everything you need to know about forming sheet metal.

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Engineering Integration


Integrate your Design software with machine capabilities.

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Machine Calibration


Learn to properly calibrate your processes for accurate, repeatable results.

"Employee involvement and enthusiasm developed from the hands on effort you provided to complete calculations which were accurate and scientific. We made parts correct the first time, a new experience here for the harder parts."

"The hands on training helped take the classroom training to the floor and show actual problem solving techniques talked about during the classroom activities."

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