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10/2019: Client training resulted in these comments from our client:


"The following is a list of impacts that your training session had on our bending operations:

  • A reduction in scrap parts off the brakes

  • Drastically improved knowledge of bending concepts based off statiscal calculations and formulas

  • Improved communication between estimating and engineering flat patterns along with understanding a method to calculate K-factors. There is a more varied team to help evaluate possible new work for capability and tooling availability.

  • Raised awareness of brake capability to senior management allowing increased tooling buying capability.

  • Employee involvement and enthusiasm developed from the hands on effort you provided to complete calculations which were accurate and scientific. We made parts correct the first time, a new experience here for the harder parts.

  • The hands on training helped take the classroom training to the floor and show actual problem solving techniques talked about during the classroom activities.

  • Helping us understand the calculators and functions for setting up the parts right from the flat pattern to the brake operations."

Bending Guru is incorporated - and merging of DocLogic and LucDesigns Engineering.


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